RETRO CLASSICS BAVARIA® 2019: „Coherent overall package“

16.12.2019 - 01:00

Wide range of products, positive buying mood, further increase in the number of visitors: 4th edition of the popular trade fair for driving culture closes with a „1 in front of the decimal point“

"A pleasantly compact, friendly and, above all, well-attended and lucrative trade fair," was the tenor among organisers, exhibitors and visitors: the 4th edition of RETRO CLASSICS BAVARIA® also made a big impression as both a scene platform and a marketplace. Between 6 and 8 December 2019 collectors, dealers and lovers of classic cars found literally everything their heart desired at the Nuremberg Trade Fair Centre – from historic and modern vehicles, sought-after parts and accessories through to authentic clothing and customised services. The lavish club presentations and the special shows designed with great attention to detail, e.g. on the history of the Noris Ring in Nuremberg, also proved very popular.

"RETRO CLASSICS BAVARIA® has become a good purchasing trade fair for driving culture enthusiasts," was the brief summary by Karl Ulrich Herrmann, the managing shareholder of the organiser RETRO Messen. "Visitors to the trade fair not only look at the exhibits, they also make high-value purchases. We are experiencing enormous increases, especially in the NEO CLASSICS® segment." He was delighted with the further rise in the number of visitors. "Another good 10 per cent more compared with the previous year contributed to a generally positive overall result."

The Franconian edition of RETRO CLASSICS® profits regularly from its central location in the "four-country corner": according to a survey, more than half of all international guests this time came from Austria (58 per cent), followed by visitors from Switzerland (17 per cent), the Czech Republic and the Republic of Moldavia (8 per cent each). Visitors from the USA accounted for another 8 per cent. A good one third of all respondents travelled more than 100 kilometres to attend the trade fair; two thirds were visiting RETRO CLASSICS BAVARIA® again. Finally, it was noticeable that visitors spent a long time at the event, i.e. an average of four and a half hours. 

Exhibitors and dealers praised the expertise of the knowledgeable visitors: almost three quarters of guests (72 per cent) said they already owned one or more historic and classic cars. 14 per cent came specifically to RETRO CLASSICS BAVARIA® to extend their portfolio. This was clearly reflected in the sales figures: "The trade fair was a complete success," said Werner Bertele, Sales & Processing at Merlin World. "We sold three vehicles on the first day, and another two on the second day – we actually could have sold the same models several times!" "You felt that this trade fair has become established in Nuremberg," concurred Ralf Reller, owner and Managing Director of the Reller car dealer. "We came here with twenty cars and were able to sell ten of them." Johannes Kandel, Brand Manager of AM Automobile/Bentley Nuremberg, said that you meet general "car aficionados" at RETRO CLASSICS BAVARIA® who are interested in both historic snowmobiles and new cars. "In terms of organisation, everything was also very straightforward and relaxed. A coherent overall package!"

The visitors rated their own personal trade fair experience in a very similar way: more than three quarters of them (78 per cent) said they were intending to come to the next RETRO CLASSICS BAVARIA® while almost all of them (91 per cent) said they would gladly recommended the trade fair to friends and work colleagues. RETRO CLASSICS BAVARIA® 2019 finished again with an overall mark of 1.9, i.e. with a "one before the decimal point".

The next RETRO CLASSICS BAVARIA® will be held at the Nuremberg Trade Fair Centre from 4 to 6 December 2020.

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Comments by exhibitors:

Simon Pühringer, Automobile Pühringer:

"It was our first appearance here at RETRO CLASSICS BAVARIA® – and a very successful attempt! We managed to sell two vehicles by Saturday evening, and I believe that some more will follow in the next few weeks. At any rate I have a good feeling. The trade fair management, organisation, region and location were first-class. We are really very satisfied and will definitely come back again next year!"


Marc Rathgeber, owner/Managing Director, Hangar 426:

"RETRO CLASSICS BAVARIA® 2019 was a successful trade fair for our company. We encountered a very positive response here, attracted a great deal of interest and met a large number of visitors. We sold a vehicle on the very first day – and also received an award for our shop front. The trade fair represents a fantastic opportunity to present your company. We are totally satisfied." 


Daniela von der Hellen, Managing Director, Autohaus Löhlein:

"We have been exhibiting at RETRO CLASSICS BAVARIA® right from the very start. The trade fair also proved to be very successful this time. There is a great opportunity here for direct personal contact with customers. Since we have a regional image, we also always enjoy good business after the event. We sold nine vehicles and are very satisfied with our overall participation."


Günther Irmscher, Managing Director, Irmscher Classic:

"The trade fair was well-attended, and we held some first-rate discussions. Sales were also excellent. We are also expecting good business after the event. We always like coming to RETRO CLASSICS BAVARIA® because it offers us a first-class contact forum – and is generally a very successful event."


Tilo Macht, owner, Autohaus Macht:

"We have been present since the first RETRO CLASSICS BAVARIA®. This year's event was the best ever! The large number of visitors expressed a great deal of interest and also possessed high purchasing power. We received numerous rally bookings, sold one vehicle and rented a very large number of cars. Truly amazing! I can provide extremely good feedback. I am completely bowled over and will also be represented here again next year!"


Martin Höck, Managing Director, Windschiegl Maschinenbau:

"We received an extremely good response and held a large number of interesting discussions since we occupied an absolute niche area with our reconstructions. This meant that there was high demand. We will welcome the first customers to our company next week. We are very satisfied with our participation in RETRO CLASSICS BAVARIA®!"


Valentin Brunn, Sales, Mirbach:

"We held a large number of pleasant and interesting discussions. The historic and classic car trade represents something emotional. I believe that this could also be felt among the visitors. Entertainment and exchanges are part of this. You therefore learn something from customers and experience many new things – that's actually the nice thing about a trade fair! Sales also went well and some customers will visit our car showroom next week. On the whole, we are satisfied and would like to come back to RETRO CLASSICS BAVARIA® in Nuremberg in 2020."


Werner Bertele, Sales & Processing, Merlin World:

"The trade fair was a complete success: we sold three vehicles on the first day and another two on the second day – we actually could have sold the same models several times. The visitors were very knowledgeable and visited our stand purposefully. In my opinion, the Franconian mentality benefits this compact trade fair because the people here are very open, like to receive advice and demonstrate enthusiasm. There was a friendly, pleasant atmosphere. That's the way things should be!"


Ralf Reller, owner/Managing Director, Autohaus Reller:

"Our mixed range of historic/classic cars and youngtimers went down very well. We came to the trade fair with twenty cars and were able to sell four of them on the first two days. Some other cars were reserved. The mood in the halls was very good and the visitors were very obliging. It was noticeable that this trade fair has become established in Nuremberg. We have already booked for the next event!"


Johannes Kandel, Brand Manager, AM Automobile/Bentley, Nuremberg:

"Since we have been active in the region for one year, RETRO CLASSICS BAVARIA® represented an ideal opportunity to make our presence felt and engage in purposeful networking. We met car enthusiasts here who showed a great deal of interest in our new cars. I believe that Bentley is well suited to this trade fair. Many of our regular customers are pleased to see us here. "In terms of organisation, everything was also very straightforward and relaxed. A coherent overall package!"


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